One Woman’s Fight Against Stigma (An Update Three Years Later)


My Story – Submitted by: Reina

You guys probably recall me sharing a story about my finally accepting my incontinence and no longer being ashamed. In that story, I stated how I saw a particular episode on John and Kate Plus 8, and it gave me a desire to engage in efforts to educate the world about incontinence, letting people know that there is no need to be ashamed of having the condition and that it does not have to rule their lives. Well, I’m back to give you all an update. I know it has been awhile, but here it is.

I am happy to say that I have really grown since 2008, the year in which I shared my story on here and saw that John and Kate Plus 8 episode that made me take action. I currently run an incontinence support conference once a week. Also, I have been maintaining a blog, which can be found at On my blog, I provide information about my condition, and I share my personal experiences. I do this all shamelessly.

I also want to say that I could not get to where I am today without the Simon Foundation. It is your organization that gave me comfort when I was an insecure teenager who was self-conscious about my condition. I remember talking with others on your message boards like it was yesterday. So many people gave me so many helpful suggestions. When I found you guys, I no longer felt like I was alone. Rather, I had people who were on my side, people who actually understood what I was going through. How refreshing that felt to me to know that there were others out there like me. Sure, there were other children who were like me that I knew growing up, but they were as insecure and self-conscious as I was. It was when I found your message boards and spoke with confident people who had lived with the condition much longer than I have that gave me hope.


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