Teenager with Enuresis


My Story – Submitted by: Johnny

I’m 14 now, and have always been a bedwetter. I wet on average 4-5 times a week. I’ve had all the tests and a few treatments, and nothing has helped.

I share a room with my brother (he’s one year younger) and a few years ago after his constant complaining about smell and being woken up while I changed my sheets, my Mom finally decided that diapers would be the best solution. She got me some pre-fold cloth pin-on diapers and some plastic pants, and I wasn’t given a choice about wearing them. I like to wake up in a dry bed, but it’s embarrassing wearing diapers. My bro and his friends tease (I don’t have any of my own because of the wetting and diapers). It’s not possible to hide it when you share a room. The doctor said I’d outgrow it eventually, but I know that some people never do.


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