Teenager with Multiple Types of Incontinence


My Story – Submitted by: Liz

I am nearly 18 years old and have suffered with both day and night incontinence from day one. There has not been a single say or night that I can remember not having a serious accident. It’s hard to believe that doctors really care about anyone with incontinence, as for years 10 years I was told ‘you’ll grow out of it’, ‘you’re just lazy’ and it really hurts me to think that other people are going through this too.

The most difficult problem is that I suffer from multiple types of incontinence and therefore it is not the most straight forward to treat: I have been on every treatment imagineable [sic] and nothing seems to work, and the NHS (England) don’t seem to want to help, as I have to wait over 3 months between appointments, when I could tell them within days if the treatment assigned will work or not!!

I can only hope that my story will make some people realise that they are lucky not to be as badly affected as others, and if I could have one wish it would be that no one had this horrible, embarresing problem, as I fully understand the horror it brings to life.

Good luck to you all.


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