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UROwebinar: (Data-driven) Shared Decision-Making (SDM) in the Management of Incontinence

This recorded webinar intends to clarify the value of (data-driven) Shared Decision-making (SDM) in the management of incontinence. Learning Objectives: -The benefits and value of data-driven SDM. -How can urologists facilitate (data-driven) shared decision-making with their patients? -The need for patient reported outcomes in the management of incontinence. Speakers: Dr. M.R. Van Balken (NL) Mrs. M.L. Van Poelgeest-Pomfret (NL) Mr. J. Phillips (GB) Mrs. J. Ghith (US) This recorded webinar is brought to you in collaboration with WFIPP. Link to the recorded webinar:

Source: November 2, 2023