How Switching to Decaf Could Save NHS £85m a Year


In the first-of-its-kind trial, care home residents were offered decaffeinated hot drinks in a bid to reduce falls experienced rushing to the toilet.  Conducted across eight residential Stow Healthcare homes over six months, the simple switch resulted in a 35% reduction in toileting-related falls.  If scaled across the sector, the results, a study suggested, would mean thousands of falls prevented and NHS savings of up to £85 million per year.  This is according to a joint report published today by Care England, Stow Healthcare and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (UHL).  The trial followed a similar initiative by UHL in 2021. Noticing that many hospital patients were falling on the way to the toilet, Continence Nurse Specialist Sarah Coombes suggested switching to decaffeinated drinks to reduce bladder and bowel urgency in those with an overactive bladder or incontinence. Within three months, toileting-related falls in the hospital were down by 30%.  Read more.

Source: Care Home Professional, April 24, 2024

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