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‘Sleep Normal’ Campaign Urges Americans to End Frequent Nighttime Urination and Stop Settling for Nights of Bad Sleep


Nearly 50 million Americans wake up to urinate more than once per night due to a treatable medical condition called nocturia.  A new awareness campaign called ‘Sleep Normal’ launched on Monday to raise awareness of nocturia, an underdiagnosed, treatable, medical condition that forces a person to wake more than once a night to urinate. Most people have never heard of nocturia and think it is a normal part of aging, despite the negative impact interrupted sleep can have on health. The ‘Sleep Normal’ campaign urges people to talk with their doctors about addressing frequent nighttime urination.  ‘Sleep Normal’ is a collaboration between Avadel Pharmaceuticals and the recently formed Nocturia Council, which includes American Alliance for Healthy Sleep, Caregiver Action Network, HealthyWomen, Men’s Health Education Council, Men’s Health Network, Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, National Association for Continence, National Sleep Foundation, Simon Foundation for Continence and ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer. Read more.

Source: UroToday, January 24, 2019

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