Sharing with Family Improved Quality of Life


My Story – Submitted by: Rick

I want to share my story with you and hopefully I can help others deal with the same.

Don’t get down. Do what you have do. I’m married and have a understanding wife, and family. When I started having accidents, day, and night, I went to get help, and doctors could not find anything wrong. It left me with few options. I refused to wear anything, but that only caused me to isolate myself. My loving wife took over and encouraged me to get out and off the couch. She said no one will laugh at you. Let’s have a family meeting with everyone and just tell them how bad your problem is and that you now have to wear diaper all the time. When we told them, they all seemed shocked but said, “It’s OK.”

That was the biggest burden off my shoulders. Maybe others like me can take inspiration. I have now come to accept my problem having to wear a diaper 24/7. It’s so natural now I don’t even realize I have it on. When we [go] out, I have a small diaper bag. I carry it all the time with me and change when I get wet, and feel comfortable doing it now. It just part of me, and my friends and family get it. That’s why I am OK.

Wearing a diaper is not the end of the world. Just let people know. You’ll be surprised how everyone is OK with your issue.


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