World Continence Week


World Continence Week 2017World Continence Week (WCW) Will Be Celebrated 18-24 June 2017

The NRS Healthcare (a UK medical products supplier) has released a new guide that confronts the unspoken subject of men’s incontinence.  The guide can be downloaded from a PDF file for free.  For 2017, NRS Healthcare has chosen to support World Continence Week and Men’s Health Awareness Week (which runs from 12th to 19th June) by highlighting the stats and facts around men living with bladder and bowel issues, whether as part of a diagnosed or undiagnosed condition. You can access the free guide here. 

For information on WCW 2017 information in Australia: Continence Week 2017

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Information from Egypt: Lack of awareness, social stigma deterrent in reducing number of patients

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History of World Continence Week

The Simon Foundation for Continence has been celebrating World Continence Week since 2009, which was the first occurrence of this global event.  The first World Continence Week program in 2009 was a result of the work of the International Continence Society (ICS) and its Continence Promotion Committee (CPC), along with many organizations and individuals who are devoted to improving the lives of those who live with incontinence.

Simon Board Member, Professor Christine Norton, PhD, RN, along with Cheryl B. Gartley, Founder and President of The Simon Foundation for Continence, founded the CPC of the ICS.  The mission of the CPC is to help build awareness worldwide of the progress that is being made for people with incontinence. The primary interest of the International Continence Society is to study storage and voiding function of the lower urinary tract, its diagnosis and the management of lower urinary tract dysfunction, and to encourage research into pathophysiology, diagnostic techniques and treatment.

world continence week WCW

The Simon Foundation for Continence at the WCW 2009 event in Chicago.

The 2009 WCW-USA event took place at the Thompson Building Center in downtown Chicago during the lunch hour. The Simon Foundation for Continence was there along with many other non-profit organizations and continence device manufacturers on June 24, 2009. Also attending were healthcare professionals from Chicago, including Dr. Terry Mason, a urologist, who is Chicago’s Health Commissioner. Dr. Mason provided introductory comments in the plaza, and encouraged the interested crowd to ask the organizations’ representatives questions and to seek help.

In 2010, a second health awareness expo was held on June 23rd at the James R. Thompson Center plaza area in downtown Chicago. At the Chicago expo the public was able to learn more about incontinence, got questions answered and heard from leaders in the field. The keynote speaker at the event was Diane K. Newman, DNP, ANP-BC, FAAN.  Dr. Newman (a member of the Foundation’s Advisory Board) is a certified nurse practitioner, is Co-Director of the Penn Center for Continence and Pelvic Health, Division of Urology, at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, in Philadelphia and is an Instructor in the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. She is an internationally known speaker on the topic of urinary incontinence and the use of devices and products for the management of incontinence.   The Foundation again staffed a table and responded to many questions from the public and handed out literature.

Each year, organizations around the world continue to provide seminars, special educational materials, speakers, and local country events to continue to provide education and support to those who have incontinence, and to those who care for those with incontinence.