Our Websites


The Simon Foundation for Continence maintains several websites.  The following are our current websites:

logo colorThe  Simon Foundation for Continence:  www.simonfoundation.org  This is our main website, which contains a wide variety of information not only on the Foundation but also on incontinence types and management, the stigma associated with incontinence, life stories shared by people with incontinence, and how to support the work of the Foundation.


continence central logoContinence Central: www.continencecentral.org  This is a product focused website for patients and caregivers.  Information on how to select products, purchase products, resources, and get reimbursed is included on this website.


Innovating for ContinenceInnovating for Continence Conference Series: www.innovatingforcontinence.org  This website is devoted to the conference series and provides information on past programs, abstract books, speaker biographies, photographs, and information about the next meeting in the series.


Managing Life with Incontinence

Managing Life with Incontinence: www.managinglifewithincontinence.org  This website is devoted to our latest book, and it can be ordered on this website.  The site also includes a global listing of country specific organizations that support people with incontinence.





Rude2Respect – The Simon FoundationRude 2  Respect: www.rude2respect.org.  Rude2Respect is a national campaign.  Rude2Respect’s mission is to build awareness of the impact of stigma related to seen or unseen health conditions; to start the dialogue to help the public understand respectful behaviors; and to provide coping skills and resilience training to individuals who are being stigmatized.


HealthUnlocked postWe also have space on HealthUnlocked for our Online Support Community.  This community provides you with the ability to anonymously post questions, answer other people’s questions, share your story, learn from others within the community, etc.  Simon Foundation for Continence’s Online Community.