Photos from Innovating for Continence Conference 2017


Photos 2017

The following are photos from the 2017 meeting in Chicago, Illinois, April 19-21
at the Millennium Knickbocker Hotel.

April 19 – Five preconference workshops were held Wednesday evening. The workshops were over a wide range of topics and were attended by more than half of the delegates to the conference, which began the next morning.

Jeanette Potts, MD, speaking at a workshop on the types of urinary incontinence and its complexities.

Professor Christine Norton is seen here describing the types of bowel incontinence to workshop attendees.

Ms. Kaoru Nishimura, RN, from Japan, describes the newest Japanese incontinence products to workshop attendees. In the photo below,  Dr. Margaret Macauley and Dr. Jeffrey Albaugh presented other new products to attendees entering the US and European markets.

Dr. Catherine Murphy describes issues with urinary catheters at a Wednesday night workshop.

Denise DeLuca introduced workshop attendees to the concept of using biomimicry in engineering and product development at a workshop.

In a final workshop, Professor Alan Cottenden and Dr. Margaret Macauley presented new containment products to attendees.

Photos below are from the Plenary Sessions (April 20-21) with presenters from around the world discussing a wide range of topics including: incontinence and geriatrics, new technologies for better treatments for patients with incontinence, technologies that may lend themselves to the field of incontinence but that are not being used yet such as origami and 3D printing, new devices that are not yet well known, a brief history of incontinence products, and many more.

For information on the full program and the speakers, check out the program and biographies for 2017. We could only post a few of the speakers and the topics covered here.

The Plenary Session kicked off with a welcome from Professor Alan Cottenden (University College London),
the ongoing Chair for the conference series.

Tomas Griebling, MD and Dr. Richard Day answering questions during a discussion period.

Honorary Conference President, Dr. Diane K. Newman, reviewing 30 years of product development for urinary incontinence management products.

Professor Cottenden and people with incontinence discussing living with incontinence and continuing product needs.

Carol Stevenson and Twila Yednock greet all our attendees and answer all the questions!

Photos below are from the Poster Session on Thursday Evening

Christoperh Payne, MD, announcing the two winners of the John J. Humpal Awards

Professor Christine Norton, winner of the John J. Humpal Award.

Professor Alan Cottenden, winner of the second John J. Humpal Award.

Cheryl B. Gartley (Founder and President of the Foundation) and attendees watch as the Humpal Awards are given to the two recipients.

Rick Rader, MD, presenting Flights of Fancy ideas for incontinence products in 2037.

Dr. Robert Linsenmeier announcing the poster award winners.

Camille Newton, MD (Purewick Corporation) won the 1st place award for her poster.