Photos from Innovating for Continence Conference 2013










Attendees at the workshops had time to share and discuss new ideas on creativity and innovation.











Delegates at the conference enjoyed the “Speed Dating” opening reception, moderated by Zehren and Associates.











Delegates listening to speakers on the first day of the conference.
















Professor Alan Cottenden is the Chair of the Innovating for Continence: The Engineering Challenge conference series (at far right in the photo on the left, and in photo on the right).














The Friday Poster Session featured 40 scientific and research posters from around the world.  Delegates had an opportunity to see all of them and to discuss the findings with the authors. (photos above and two photos below)





















On April 12, 2013 a Black Tie Gala to celebrate the conclusion of the Simon Foundation for Continence’s 30th anniversary year was held. Guests came from around the world to help celebrate the occasion. At right, guests Christa Thiel (Deutsche Kontinenz Gesellschaft), Kaoru Nishimura, RN (Japan Continence Action Society), and Nicole Huige (SCA, Sweden) enjoy the Silent Auction.














Dr. Diane Newman (left) and Martha Klay, RN (right), in the photo to the left, get ready to bid on silent auction items at the Gala. Jerry Olszewski (Astellas Pharma US) and Terry Buford enjoy the time to relax and visit before the Gala dinner, in the photo above.










Dr. Roberta Wheeler and others examine the offerings for the silent auction (at left). One the right, Christa Thiel (Deutsche Kontinenz Gesellschaft), Elizabeth LaGro (VP Simon Foundation for Continence) and Phillip LaGro enjoy the wine and appetizers during the Silent Auction.



The executive team from LABORIE attended the Gala: (left to right)
Ludger Verschueren, Rob Laborie, Ray Laborie (founder of LABORIE and now retired) and Ing Goping.










Susan Holman (Uroplasty, Inc.), Tim Cook (Uromedica, Inc.) and Nancy Kolby (Uroplasty, Inc.) in the photo on the left, and Dr. Christopher Payne (University of California at Stanford and a Simon Advisory Board member), and Dr. Jeannette Potts (urologist in private practice in Calif.), in the photo on the right, are seen enjoying the Gala and the conversations that flowed.









Also enjoying the Gala, in the photo on the left, are James Bell (Protect-A-Bed) and his wife, Lynda. In the photo on the right (from left to right) are Dr. Anne Farbrot (SCA, Sweden), Professor Alan Cottenden (University College London and a Simon Advisory Board Member), Christa Thiel (Deutsche Kontinenz Gesellschaft), and Dr. Hakan Leander (Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology).











Sharing in the good time of the auction (from left to right) are Susan Stone (Allergan, Inc.), Lisa Hughes (Allergan, Inc.) and Liz Schumacher (Large Urology Group Practice Association). At left, Ligia Rivera (Kimberly-Clark Corporation) enjoys the evening’s presentations.









Enjoying the pre-dinner conversation in the photo on the left are (from left to right), Mary Wasner, RN (Rush University Urology and past SUNA president), Katherine Marchese, RN (urology nurse practitioner) and Dr. Margot Damaser (Cleveland Clinic, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering and Chair of the Abstract Review Committee for the conference). In the photo of the right is Adam Greenberg (NorthShore Care Supply) in conversation with Mr. & Mrs. James Bell (Protect-A-Bed).










Getting to meet people with similar interests was also a part of the Gala. At left, Ali Borazjani (doctoral candidate at Cleveland Clinic) meets Sherri Palm (Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support), Dr. Jeannette Potts (urologist in private practice), and Benjamin Weed (Global Solutions in Reproductive Health Care). The silent auction at the Gala was unique, as it included many items from throughout the world, like the artwork of the famous European artist Maarten Thiel (photo above on the right).










After the dinner, Mary Radtke Klein (Chair of the Gala and a Simon Advisory Board Member) welcomed all the Gala guests. Presentations and awards were announced by Professor Alan Cottenden (University College London and a Simon Adivsory Board Member).









Enjoying a musical interlude in the evening is Claire Saxton (Urology Care Foundation). Serenading the Gala guests was Todd Kessler, who has been writing and recording music professionally since 2005, performing primarily in and around Chicago while touring throughout the Midwest and both coasts. In 2012 he was a contestant on the hit series The Voice as a member of Team Ceelo.









Two important awards were given by the Simon Foundation for Continence. At left, Cheryl B. Gartley (Founder and President of the Foundation) introduces Mr. Ray Laborie, recipient of the 2013 John J. Humpal Award. On the right, Rick Rader, MD, accepts the 2013 Defeating Stigma in Healthcare Award.










Dr. Christine Norton, a reknowned UK incontinence expert from King’s College London & Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (a Simon Advisory Board member) reviewed the 30 year history of the Simon Foundation for Continence, and also presented Christa Thiel (Deutsche Kontinenz Gesellschaft), at right, with a retirement gift. Ms. Thiel has led the DKG for the past 25 years, promoting continence throughout Germany.

Christa Thiel Ray Laborie Cheryl Gartley

Christa Thiel, Cheryl Gartley and Ray Laborie relax after the awards. Such happy faces!








Dr. Robert Linsenmeier (Northwestern University) presented the awards for the Innovating for Continence conference’s Poster Session . Third place went to the poster entitled “Impact of a Telemonitoring System for Urinary Incontinence Management for Residents in Long Term Care,” by Victoria Traynor, NSW/ACT Dementia Training Study Centre, University of Wollongong, Australia. Accepting the award on behalf of Ms. Traynor (photo on the left) is Mr. Mark Jaggers (Simavita Pty Ltd, the study’s funder). The second place poster award was presented to Daniel Yachia, MD (Innoventions, Ltd., Israel), for his poster “An Intravesical Device for Patients Who Failed SUI Surgery” in the photo on the right.


The first place poster award went to Dr. Esther Apos (Scientific Documentation Solution, Australia) and Michelle Naughton (Ramsey-Coote Instruments, Australia), for their poster entitled, “Review of Bedwetting Treatment Practices in Children Using the Bell and Pad Treatment within Hospitals, Community Continence Clinics and a Private Practice.” Dr. Robert Linsenmeier presented the award.