Gallbladder, Kidney Stones, and Incontinence


My Story – Submitted by: Anonymous

I’ve always had some bedwetting problems, but in the last few years they have become worse due to the fact that I have passed several kidney stones over the years, and it has affected my kidneys, and caused me to wet the bed more than usual. I have tried several different things, and none of them seem to have any affect on the bedwetting problem. So I too started wearing diapers to bed with plastic pants, and they offer better protection than the disposable diapers do. And just in the last couple of years I’ve ended up having to wear disposable brief’s 24/7 on account of having my gallbladder out a couple years ago, and it’s left me with some bowel problems, and at times when going or doing something, and I’m away from a bathroom, I have messed my pants.


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