Innovating for Continence – A Simon Foundation Conference Series That Made History


Innovating for Continence The Simon Foundation for Continence launched its first international “Innovating for Continence: The Engineering Challenge” conference in 2007.  This was a multidisciplinary meeting to educate innovators and heighten interest in innovation for continence among all stakeholders including: engineers; venture capitalists; health professionals; individuals with incontinence; and scientists in various disciplines. Over the next 10 years, the Foundation hosted a total of six “Innovating” conferences in Chicago and in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

Professor Alan Cottenden

Professor Alan Cottenden

Each of the six conferences was chaired by Professor Alan Cottenden, MBE.  He is Professor Emeritus of Incontinence Technology at University College London, England. Professor Cottenden is the Chair of the Organizing Committee for the biennial conference “Incontinence: The Engineering Challenge” hosted by the UK Institution of Mechanical Engineers along with the committee on Management Using Continence Products of the International Consultation on Incontinence (ICI). He has been involved in continence technology for over 30 years, working on clinical and basic science aspects as well as product development and international standards work (ISO).

The Concept of the conference series was to feature an unusual mix of speakers:

– Experts in areas of technology that have yet to be applied to incontinence

– Patients and caregivers whose presentations will challenge experts to brainstorm ways in which unique technologies can be applied to incontinence issues

– Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers whose clinical experience will enlighten meeting attendees on limitations and successes of today’s products, medicines, surgeries, and other interventions

In 2011, a poster session was added to the conference and an abstract book published.

Below are links to each of the years of the conference.  Each links contains the Program and Speaker Information along with the Abstracts books.