1st International Conference for the Prevention of Incontinence, 1997

Prevention of Incontinence

Consensus Statement on Prevention of Incontinence

First conceived during discussions of the Continence Promotion Committee (CPC) at the 1996 International Continence Society meeting in Athens, it was through the outstanding initiative of The Simon Foundation for Continence (USA) and The Continence Foundation (UK) that the First International Conference for the Prevention of Incontinence was realized on 25-27 of June, 1997.

A two-day conference was convened at the Danesfield House UK with the intent of creating a Consensus Statement that would guide and direct future clinical practice and research for the Prevention of Incontinence.

Forty-two internationally recognized experts in the field came together to examine and critique current research. Rigorous intellectual debate followed each of the dozen presentations at the conference.

The dynamic interaction and collaboration of panel, presenters and expert audience was as stimulating as it was productive. Pieces of the prevention puzzle emerged as presentations and debates progressed. A final Consensus Statement was the outcome of the two days in June, 1997. The Consensus Statement was issued at the 1997 International Continence Society meeting in Yokohama, Japan.

The Consensus Statement (PDF file)