The Simon Foundation for Continence Announces Its New Book, Managing Life with Incontinence

Managing Life with Incontinence

Managing Life with Incontinence

Chicago, IL, May 16, 2012 –(– The Simon Foundation for Continence announces the publication of its unique new book, Managing Life with Incontinence. Written specifically for individuals who live day to day with bladder and/or bowel incontinence, Managing Life with Incontinence also provides information that will be useful for physicians and nurses who understand their patients’ frustrations and wish to more fully comprehend the quality of life issues facing people with intractable incontinence.

In recent years new treatments and medications for incontinence have brought hope to many, yet the fact remains that millions of individuals worldwide cannot be cured by current medical science. These individuals need inspiration, empowerment, and easy access to information for the management of their incontinence in order to rise above its personal impact and strive for a full life. This book fills that need.

Between information-packed chapters such as “Understanding the Taboos About Bladders and Bowels,” “How We View Our Own Bodies,” “Resilience,” and “Communicating with Health Care Professionals” are “Lived Experiences” – intimate and inspiring autobiographical stories written by eleven individuals from around the world (Sweden, Japan, England, Canada, Israel, Brazil, and the US). With amazing candor they explain how incontinence impacted their lives, and how they fought back to build lives of their choosing.

Christopher Payne, MD, Professor of Urology at Stanford University Medical School, states about the book: “I loved reading this book: it is practical and easy to read while still being scientifically accurate. It is infused with humanity, especially the unique stories from the brave souls who have struggled with incontinence. You will laugh, cry, and learn…”

The book’s editors include incontinence experts Professor Christine Norton (UK), Anita Saltmarche (Canada), Mary Radtke Klein (US) and Cheryl Gartley (US). The international perspective the editors bring is apparent in the book’s breadth and inclusion of cultural differences. Managing Life with Incontinence exhibits the universality of the reaction to a misbehaving bladder and/or bowel. Among the well-known authors who contributed chapters are: Diane Newman, a nationally recognized urology nurse; Rick Rader, M.D., editor-in-chief of Exceptional Parent Magazine; Drs. Ronald Rozensky and Steven Tovian, health psychologists; and Professor Christine Norton, a world-renowned fecal incontinence expert.

States Ms. Gartley, President and Founder of The Simon Foundation for Continence: “Because of the generous gifts of the authors’ time and the educational grants that supported the book’s production from grantors Astellas USA Foundation, Hollister Incorporated, and SCA Personal Products, proceeds from the sale of Managing Life with Incontinence will be used exclusively to support work on behalf of people who live with the challenges of incontinence. We are excited about the potential for world-wide impact of this book. Over the next several months the Foundation expects Managing Life with Incontinence to be translated into several languages. The first translation, into Japanese, will be published early next year.”

The English language edition of Managing Life with Incontinence is now available worldwide for $16.95 plus shipping and handling at

About the Simon Foundation for Continence

The Simon Foundation for Continence (, located in Chicago, Illinois, USA, is a 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is: to bring the topic of incontinence into the open; remove the stigma associated with incontinence; and provide help and hope to individuals with incontinence, their families, and the professionals who provide their care. The Simon Foundation for Continence is the world’s oldest patient-led organization devoted exclusively to incontinence. The Foundation began in 1982. Managing Life with Incontinence is the first of several projects to be launched during this, the Foundation’s 30th Anniversary year.

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