Beaten and Bullied


My Story – Submitted by Anonymous

Hello.  i absolutely love what y’all do. standing up for people that get judged and labeled by those without disabilities. i’ve been incontinent since the age of 14. before that as a young child i always had bed wetting issues. my parents were not so nice or understanding about it. especially my father. he was plain cruel. i wet the bed one night. i went and told him. i was beaten for it. then i was taken to the bathroom where he forced my head into the toilet and urinated on my head. he is a despicable person. after being diagnosed with nerve damage caused by my father. things got much worse. especially at school. being a teenager in diapers in public schools is very difficult to face. the other kids were brutal. they found out about my incontinence in the boys locker room after swim class. I was bullied. beaten. teased and picked on constantly. it got so bad between my parents and kids at school. i tried taking my own life. one kid had ran up and pulled my pants down from behind me during gym class. 30 other kids found it hilarious. teachers didn’t care. some even thought it was funny. except one. my science teacher mr barnes. he was the only one that understood. and cared enough to try and do something about the bullying. i’m a grown man now. 33 years old. and things are still hard.  i work long hours and have to travel for work. this means i can be away for weeks or months  from the privacy of my home. i get called freak. and weirdo a lot. these are complete strangers. mostly other men. even with enclosed bathroom stalls its difficult to hide the rustling sound and the sound of the tapes.

i don’t feel anywhere near as hopeless about my medical condition as i did when i was a kid and young adult. i’ve got a different aspect about it now. My incontinence is part of who i am. it will be for the rest of my life. i’ve tried to get it fixed. but the damage to my nerves is severe. dating is nearly impossible. i get laughed at or ghosted when i do try and date. that’s my story.  i’m still afraid of coming out to the public about it. people are simply cruel and not understanding. i just wanted to reach out and tell you my story. and thank you for what you do.

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