Sarah Cottenden, Continence Central Coordinator/Webmaster


Sarah Cottenden is our Continence Central Coordinator/Webmaster for the Simon Foundation for Continence. As the coordinator, she seeks to communicate effectively with all the industry contributors to this website so that all those we seek to serve on Continence Central have as up to date information as possible, thus enabling them to make informed choices with which to improve their quality of life.

Sarah graduated from Cambridge University, England, with an MA in theology and education and qualified as a primary school teacher. For 15 years she worked as a teacher – and various other leadership posts – in schools in England and The Netherlands. She maintains her interest in education through tutoring young children with particular needs and advising local and international families on the different education options available and how to access them. She also works for Little Mouse (a company supplying clothes and gifts for premature babies) and sells her own handmade crafts online. She has two delightful nieces that always make her world light up.