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Are you having trouble paying for your products?

Visit our listing of Diaper Banks and review our Reimbursement page
(on Continence Central) for helpful resources.

The Mayo Clinic is looking for participants in a clinical study. They are seeking women, 18-80 years of age, who have bowel incontinence. You can learn about the study, who can participate, and also contact the people leading the study at Mayo with your questions or if you would like to participate. A Study of Colesevelam in Fecal Incontinence.

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Stigma and Health Conditions, Part 1 (PDF), published November 2015
in EP Magazine

Stigma and Health Conditions. Part 2 (PDF), published December 2015
in EP Magazine

Stigma and Health Conditions, Part 3 (PDF), published February 2016
in EP Magazine


Clostridium difficile

Neurogenic Bowel

Bowel Incontinence Fact Sheet (PDFs)

Continence Central

Trying to figure out which incontinence products to buy for yourself or someone you care for?

Do you need a sample first?

Do you want an at-home product to help strengthen your pelvic floor muslces?

Are you looking for an excellent customer service person who understands your particular needs?

Continence Central gives you access to a wide variety of management products -- many of these products are not available at your local store. All the companies on the website list their toll-free numbers, websites, and information for you regarding their services and products. All have customer service teams ready to help you!

Take control of your life -- even when your life includes incontinence!

Our latest book includes:

- Communicating with friends, family, and health professionals

- Overcoming the stigma associated with incontinence

- Stories written by people with incontinence who share their personal trials and ultimate triumphs with us

- Information about treating and living with incontinence

Whether incontinence is a new diagnosis or something you’ve lived with for years, whether your leakage is light or heavy, you will find help and inspiration in this book.

To place an Order and learn more about the book, go to our website devoted to the book: Managing Life with Incontinence.

The Simon Foundation for Continence is dedicated to:

Incontinence affects millions of individuals worldwide.  Estimates suggest that over 33 million adults in the US are affected by urinary incontinence - and countless more by fecal incontinence or a combination of both types. 

The importance of reporting incontinence to a healthcare professional that is knowledgeable and interested in treating incontinence cannot be overstated.  A correct diagnosis for incontinence is extremely important for finding proper treatment and care and because incontinence may be an indicator of a more serious medical condition.  Incontinence should not be ignored nor viewed as a normal consequence of childbirth or aging.

Within this website you will find the help and knowledge that will motivate you to take the steps that will lead to the solution that is right for you, and for your particular incontinence.  However, information provided on this website is not medical advice and is not intended to substitute for the advice of your personal physician or healthcare provider.

Welcome message from President and Founder, Cheryl B. Gartley

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